The University Center for Academic and Workforce Development (UCAWD) leverages the academic resources of SUNY to promote the acquisition of education and skills for all New York State residents. UCAWD operates 10 Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) and two Career Counseling and Outreach Centers.

UCAWD has been charged with providing academic preparation services, workforce development programs, and is designed to be:

  • A primary resource for promoting and providing quality educational opportunities for the under-served and under-educated residents of New York;
  • A primary resource for promoting revitalization of urban communities and strengthening urban families;
  • An authority on workforce development, academic preparedness and welfare-to-work initiatives;
  • The University's program dedicated to building New York State's economy through education, training and workforce development services.


Resource Development
  • Pursue external funding sources for program development.
  • Maximize resources for targeted programs and services.
Program and Professional Development
  • Develop system wide instructional models for academic preparedness.
  • Promote system wide workforce development models that meet evolving industry standards and needs.
  • Focus use of University resources for community revitalization, strengthening families, intergenerational education and economic development.
Program Effectiveness
  • Ensure quality data collection, reporting and analysis.
  • Increase program accountability through well-defined standards, continuous monitoring and improvement.
  • Develop publications that articulate program strengths and accomplishments.
  • Relate funding to program performance, standards and outcomes.
  • Encourage and strengthen program research.
Community Outreach
  • Develop partnerships with urban and rural community organizations, educational and training agencies, business and industry and governmental entities.
  • Connect program operations and participants to economic development and empowerment zone activities.